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This service is offered to Businesses, Nonprofit Organizations and Foreign NGOs

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Business Loans On Foreign Project Investments

NCR Accounting and Financial Services has partnered with great business investors/lenders in the United States and abroad in order to offer commercial loans, credit lines and equity partnership to its clients.  We have a network of Developers/Investors ready to assist the leaders or principals of green projects, housing and related infrastructure in the race to develop and implement new reliable, reusable technology of today?s world.

 We offer a variety of financing programs including International Commercial construction loans for office complexes, apartments, housing, hotels and other business properties.  Our lenders interfere where borrowers find it hard to be approved. A construction loan may turn out to become forgivable. Contact us for information. 

- Start-up Projects loans for all types of businesses up to $ 500 Million in the United States and Canada

- International Commercial Construction Loans and partnership up to $5 Billion

- Cash Advance for Small Businesses up to $1 Million,

- Line of Credit from $100,000 up to $500,000

- Personal Car Loan Financing (we help poor to no credit score get a car of your choice)

 The Department of NCR Financial Services will give you detail information, and will help you with the Business Plan and the Executive Summary, including Use of Funds and Budget.

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